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Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Yarn and Fiber Shop in ABQ!

I was wandering through Old Town over the weekend and a shop sign caught my eye - Fiber Chicks. I went in and sure enough, it's a new LYS in town!!! Yay!!!!!!! They have only been open a few weeks, but they are very friendly, and the best part is that the owner wants to know what people in ABQ want to knit and crochet with, and will look for a distributor to get it in the shop! I have already put in a request for Malabrigo. So, please do go check out the shop and let her know what you like to knit with! They (it's 2 ladies that co-own it) also carry some roving, and are working towards carrying more local fiber than you can normally find around ABQ (which isn't much). Anything other than Fiesta would be appreciated by many, I am sure! I chatted with the owner that was there, for a while, and her husband is an architect in town who went to school with one of my bosses, which was very cool.

Needless to say I made a purchase. I got some beautiful mercerized cotton to knit this bag for groceries. While we do reuse plastic bags in our house for trash and when we scoop cat poop, the grocery store bags are flimsier than they were in years past, so I am converting to taking my own bags, not for the social message or any shit like that, but simply because the grocery store bags are crap, and if I can't reuse them, I don't want to just chuck them in the landfill without being able to repurpose them.

So, go forth and visit Fiber Chicks! It's in Old Town, in the little plaza just south of La Placita, off the SE corner of the main plaza. A very cool spot and hopefully to become a staple for the fiberistas of Albuquerque.


k-bomb said...

Yay!! That just makes my heart smile. I wonder if VW ever had a staff meeting about attitude after my little conversation with the manager?

Noelle Noodle said...

That's so cool there's a new yarn shop in town! I knew some ladies that had talked about opening one but never seemed to do it. I'm sad my yarn isn't local to New Mexico anymore :( Definitely don't know how I feel about it being Texan! Texan yarn is just not the same.

Heather said...

It's true then! I heard through the grapevine there was a new shop in ABQ. Sigh...I used to live just down the street. I hope it does well! I''ve put myself on a bonafide, really true yarn diet. I just unpacked my stash, in full, to reaquaint myself with it, and got a little red from embarassment! I just knited the grrrrlfriend market bag. It flew off the needles! Enjoy your new bag.