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Saturday, October 28, 2006


I made my first blankie this past summer:

It has been finished for a while, but I just took a photo of it recently. As DFH and I were headed back to graduate school this fall, I was trying to get all the gifts out of the way before classes resumed. I knit this in Bernat So Soft, which is acrylic. Normally I really don't like acrylic, it feels plasticy. Probably because it is plastic. But, this So Soft is really soft, so soft, in fact. Also, this is a gift for a baby. Now, I don't have kids (yet), but I do know one thing about babies. They ooze. Food, milk, vomit, poo, pee, boogers, spit, you name it, babies ooze it. You're always laundering things with a baby. Sometimes you wash the baby, too, apparently. I made this in acrylic so it could be tossed in the washer when the baby oozes. This ain't no sissy hand-wash dry-flat reshape-by-hand blanket. This is a man's blanket! It's also blue, that's how you can usually tell. I call that low-maintenance knitting.

It is knit with 2 strands held together on a size 15 (US) circular. The border is seed stitch, then a section of stockinette, a couple rows of garter with an eyelet row and then garter again. I found the pattern online, I think if you just Google "so soft baby blanket" you could find it. I don't have the link anymore. I think it's funny that "Google" is used as a verb.