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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Something I can post!

I finished the Welt Fantastic socks I started a while back and put on hold to knit the summer tank and a present I cannot yet blog about. I am very happy with them! The sock on the left however, I had to finish the toe in another blue sock yarn I had leftover stash of, as the second ball of Knitpicks Felici had significantly less yarn in it than the first ball! Grr!!!! While cheap, they do have some serious quality control issues over there.

Welt Fantastic Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks
Knitpicks Felici, 2 balls (and some yardage of a random yarn!)
Size 0 DPNs. I like my socks knitted tight.

Overall, I am happy with them. I am much more impressed with Felici than I ever was with Essential SUCK yarn, their standard sock yarn. Felici is spun more tightly and isn't all fuzzy and bloomy. Which brings me to a review of Swish Worsted. Kind of sucks. It's super-bloomy, and had I known that, I would not have knit the tank out of it. I was disappointed. It kind of pisses me off, because Knitpicks' motto is to bring us affordable luxury knitting, but I would hardly categorize what they produce as luxury, at least what I have experienced. Grr. It's cheap, and it shows. I have even had problems with my interchangeable needle set - the needles don't screw onto all the cords correctly - my size 7's pop right off of the thread where they are supposed to screw on! I can only use those on the 24" cord so far. I think I will call them about this one, because it is a faulty product, and you don't find out until you use a certain needle size. Seriously. Lacking. Quality. Control.

Ginger approves of them, which is of utmost importance:

Isn't she just so damn cute????

I am now starting the U-neck Vest from Fitted Knits. Ginger checked the pattern for errata, though osmosis:

In other news, Hugo thinks everything is an opportunity to go for a ride:

And I made pesto from our bumper crop of basil! Yum! I also made some creamy pesto sauce by mixing a couple of forkfulls of the pesto into some alfredo sauce, and holy Moses, was it good! We had it with four-cheese ravioli, salad and some delish wine! I admit it - I am a foodie.

El Hubbie mail-ordered 3 bottles of wine from Georgia (the county). It is really good, and was relatively inexpensive. This is just a standard dry white wine. Very tasty.

I don't get political on this blog, but what is happening in Georgia is despicable, and as we don't personally have artillery or tanks to lend them, Hubbie, the economist, believes the second best thing we can do is support them by trading with them. We also learned that Georgia is the oldest wine growing region in the world, going back thousands of years! Neat, huh?

Some precious kitty moments to leave you with, Ginger makes pillows out of just about anything:


Diane said...

What does bloomy mean?

I was about to buy the knitpicks circular needle set, because I thought everybody loved them so much. I guess I should shop around some more.

nancy said...

When you wash it and it poofs up with fuzziness and "blooms" and your stitch definition goes to shit.

Don't get me wrong - I am 99% thrilled with the Knitpicks set. I think the company overall has serious quality control issues and it's touch and go. I'll blog about what I find out when I contact them.

Heather said...

The socks are beautiful! Thanks for the yarn beta. It's helpful. My cat tries to use my arm when I'm sitting on the couch, knitting. Not too helpful...

k-bomb said...

What the heck? I thought you loved those needles? I just bought a pair? Am I going to regret my purchace? Oh, well, I'll just have to live.